Hello there! This is Patrick and Axel, together we are Retro Principles and we are responsible for inventing Corecraft.

It was a long journey and it all started 5 years ago when we both met in an airplane, “coincidentally” forced to sit next to each other for over 9 hours. We shared our passion for games, healthy food and our dream to create our very own game one day. Quickly we became very good friends and it turned out that together we are capable of making our dream come true.

The experiment Corecraft has been started ever since and we stepped into the brave journey of the Indie where we experienced incredible things along our way. Together we made up the perfect team for the project and we could help each other out very well by contributing and sharing our skills coming from different backgrounds. We traveled around the world visiting conferences, showcasing our game and meeting amazing people who were on the same journey.

The original inspiration for Corecraft came back from Patrick’s childhood. Going to arcades, playing Shoot ‘Em Ups were one of his favorite games. Back home he loved to meet up with friends and build spacecrafts out of old school blockish Lego parts, quite similar looking to the spacecrafts we have in Corecraft. During space battles, they had to break down parts of the opponent craft before it got destroyed.

This whole journey has been an incredible process of transformation, not only for the game but for ourselves. We are amazed of how much we have improved on a technical, business professional, but also on a personal level. We had to step over our own shadows and face the dark sides of being an Indie Developer. Gladly we received a lot of support from our families and friends and we are very grateful, as without them we would have not made it so far.

Our dream came true and without being smugs, we believe that Corecraft turned out to be a great game! Corecraft already won a couple of awards and received amazing feedback! With the collaboration of a publisher, the game was already launched in the Chinese Appstore and was well received by its audience. We are very proud of our creation and we are keen to improve Corecraft and add more features!

We love games and we love to make them! We want to inspire more people to become independent out of the love for games and not driven out of financial frustration. Patrick believes that Games will play a major role in the future, they will transform our education system and how we interact and communicate with the world. We hope more people are capable to do what they love, because that is what love is all about and this will create a better world!